My body is my canvas

My body is my canvas

Fitness is not science. It's art. We are all artists capable of creating beauty and joy in our own lives. 

Like a painter we have a canvas, paints, tools to effectively mix and apply those paints to a canvas.

My body is my canvas, and it is unique. No one else has what I have. I'm alone in where I am starting and where I am going. My final destination is unknown even to me. That means my canvas has an unlimited potential. I have no limits. 

Exercises are my paints. Any colour on it's own can have an impact, but when paints are used together, we create art. There are no perfect colours. There are no perfect combinations. Every time I paint, I learn more about the connection between my paints and my canvas. The only way I can fail to create art, is if I fail to paint anything. 

Without a paint brush, how can I paint. Is one paint brush perfect for every job. To enjoy art, we need to use as many tools as we can to learn more, experience more, and to see more of the infinite possibilities are canvas allows. My tools are my training programs. No program is perfect. Intensity, volume, time under tension, tempo. Bringing creativity, experience and science together to excite, inspire and motivate. 

Our beauty, Our art, is not simply in the image we make. The way we look. The art we create is in the life we give our canvas. We can literally build power to create happiness in our lives. A true sense of freedom in what we can achieve. How will you journey through life. We are physical things and should enjoy expressing ourselves physically. Create your own ballet of life. What we paint on our canvas defines how we experience everything. Will you paint something beautiful, or powerful, or skillful?

The most amazing aspect of our canvas... is at any given moment, we can choose to completely re paint it. The rules are the same no matter when we want to paint a new picture. 

My body is my canvas, and it is unique. No one else has what I have. I'm alone in where I am starting and where I am going. My final destination is unknown even to me. That means my canvas has an unlimited potential. I have no limits.

... so what are you going to paint?

Turn your New Year resolution into a ‘New You’ resolution and live a healthy lifestyle year-round


A healthy lifestyle isn’t just for January. ‘This year, I pledge to lose weight and get fit!’ is one of the top 10 most commonly broken New Year resolutions following a fortnight of indulgence. In the wake of fast emerging healthy-living fads such as ‘Dry January’ and ‘Veganuary’ dominating our social media feeds, it’s easy to be overly strict with ourselves during January and overly indulgent from February.

While we actively promote, encourage and enable a healthy lifestyle, far too often we find that February is the month when our New Year resolutions begin to crack at the seams. We encourage our members not to become trapped into fad diets and unsustainable New Year resolutions, and instead to embrace a healthy, (manageable) lifestyle, all year round. We want our members to turn their ‘New Year’ resolution into a ‘New You’ resolution and realise that February is no time to give up.

At Wild Training, we ensure that our members don’t find coming to the gym a chore, obligation or bore. Here, there is something to keep everyone hooked throughout the entire year, not just for January. For the muscle junky, we offer incredible strength training solutions – including our famous Muscle Tunnel, the first BarMania.PRO rig in the UK and our exclusive, highly effective, Calisthenics workshops. Perhaps you’ve recently given birth and you’re keen to get back to your pre baby self – we have a class for that too! Prefer tranquillity and Zen? Our Yoga and Aerial Silks classes will give you some head space. Or maybe you’re a foodie craving delicious recipes but struggling to strike the balance between healthy and tasty; we also advise on nutritional plans to suit your goals.

James, Wild Training Gym’s Founder has his own goal

It is my personal passion and mission to continue to grow Wild Training’s friendly, enthusiastic and motivated community. I want each and every one of our members to enjoy a healthy lifestyle that is effective, different and fun. We don’t just offer an exercise plan, but a lifestyle plan. From expert attention delivered by our dedicated instructors to educated advice on nutritional plans. Our members are at the heart of everything we do.

Talk to us about being the healthiest and best you, all year round.

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I have recently come across some pretty hard-hitting numbers that prove poor fitness practice is becoming the norm – our classes are the answer. Over 60% of gym visitors find sticking with a plan for longer than 3 months challenging, and up to 92% of people fail at their fitness resolutions before the end of the year.



#LiveaWildLife is what makes Wild Training different. It's the heart of the brand. 

Its about giving people confidence to try something new. Something they haven't experienced before. Not just our training, but so many fun things from snowboarding to rock climbing, mountain biking in the Alps, surfing, skating. Anything and everything. 

Wild Tip Of The Day #TOTD

Wild Tip Of The Day #TOTD

When it comes to shaping your body leverage based exercise systems are such a powerful tool to build in to your training. When you hold a weight that levers out away from your body it will help you recruit more of the smaller, synergistic muscles that stabilise your movement. These smaller core muscles will also have a massive impact on improving your posture and shape.

Wild Tip Of The Day - #TOTD

If you find it hard to build muscle in your upper body, it might not be your upper body training that is slowing you down.

Working the biggest muscle groups in your body will help to create more muscle and a better hormone profile for building muscle.

If you look at lower body exercises lots of them challenge all the big leg muscles and the big muscles in your back, so training with these exercises will have a bigger impact on your hormone profile than bicep curls for example that only hit a small set of muscles. Build your legs and your back first and then building your arms and shoulders will be a lot easier. 

Try all variations of deadlifts, squats and lunges and try to focus on increasing your total volume lifted.

What that means is if you do one workout for your lower body that consists of 4 sets of deadlifts, 4 sets of back squats and 4 sets of split lunges, all for 10 reps, and you lift 100kg for each rep, then your total volume for that lower body workout would be 12000kg (Reps x Sets x weights). If that number goes up, then your muscles will get bigger. Getting your nutrition right it a big part of that. Take the same approach with your upper body and you will see some great results but remember, build strength and muscle from the ground up. Legs and back.

Wild Tip Of The Day #TOTD


Great quote from an old man met at a wedding:

"In the 1st third of your life you worry lots about what others think of you. In the 2nd third of your life you say 'I don't care what other people think of me'... which is you still thinking about what others think of you. In the last third of your life you realise.... No one was ever thinking about you... They were all too worried about what people were thinking of themselves."

Focus on you for your reasons. Don't get distracted by others. Sharing what you do on social media isn't going to help you as much as getting up and doing more. 

Bruce Lee "Think less..... Do More"