Wild Training is a lifestyle. Even your babies will agree.

We’re a team of parents and understand the importance of post pregnancy exercise. From inception, my vision for Wild Training has been to offer our members a lifestyle plan, not just an exercise plan. This lifestyle plan doesn’t have to stop post baby; in fact, post baby is the perfect time to re-build your confidence and get your body stronger than ever.

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James Griffiths

I have recently come across some pretty hard-hitting numbers that prove poor fitness practice is becoming the norm – our classes are the answer. Over 60% of gym visitors find sticking with a plan for longer than 3 months challenging, and up to 92% of people fail at their fitness resolutions before the end of the year.

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10 Years of Silent Exercise

This is something I’ve been excited about writing for a long time. It’s something I always think about. What do I need to do to move forward? To get better. What does dedicating yourself to one career for 10 years do. What do you learn? What does it enable you to achieve?

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#LiveaWildLife is what makes Wild Training different. It's the heart of the brand. 

Its about giving people confidence to try something new. Something they haven't experienced before. Not just our training, but so many fun things from snowboarding to rock climbing, mountain biking in the Alps, surfing, skating. Anything and everything. 

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Wild Tip Of The Day #TOTD

When it comes to shaping your body leverage based exercise systems are such a powerful tool to build in to your training. When you hold a weight that levers out away from your body it will help you recruit more of the smaller, synergistic muscles that stabilise your movement. These smaller core muscles will also have a massive impact on improving your posture and shape.

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