Wild Man


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The Wild Man program is an intense, focused exercise plan that will achieve dramatic results, fast. If you are looking to develop your fitness, lose body fat and increase your muscle mass then this is the program for you.


You’ll love the creative training and different equipment we use, and you will love the body shape you achieve even more.

Over years we have developed our understanding of the specific signals that create results to achieve a masculine, athletic look. We always aim to create a level of neurological shock to drive new results for your clients.

That might mean upping the volume or fatigue levels for hypertrophy, or it might be increasing the max intensity for max strength training, but at the same time, it might be more beneficial to create a new shock… by doing something new. New equipment, new protocols, mixing equipment up. Where ever you are starting from, and where ever you want to get to the Wild Man program will deliver results you can see and feel.