One Wild Story


Wild Training started in 2010. Read about the story here.

Showing people how to #LiveAWildLife. That means a lot of things to us, but mostly it's about empowering everyone to attack like with spark, with no limitations, no labels.

Wild Training is about so much more than fitness, strength and conditioning. Body transformations are easy. Lifestyle transformations are what we are best at. 

Meet the team and you will experience more passion than you can imagine. Everyone becomes infected by it. Contagious energy that will inspire you to live life to the full. 

Wild Training never stops evolving, because the people that make it happen everyday never stop training, never stop innovating and will never run out of energy to do what they love. 

In October 2016 James, founder of Wild Training, walked up to the top of Kilimanjaro and did the highest workout ever recorded in aid of Hope For Children.

“A life with no limit” is James Griffiths’ creed. He’s recorded the highest altitude workout ever, completed 1000 24kg kettlebell snatches in under 1 hour and was 2018’s Southern England's strongest man under 80kg. His obsession isn’t with his own fitness - everything he’s done is about learning how to help others push past their limits. Wild Training, which he founded is all about sharing the joy of health and fitness in unique ways that challenge traditional norms.

A career in fitness that started over 10 years ago.

Read about the 10 years of silent exercise that shaped Wild Training.

“Runners want to run, lifters want to lift, sports fans want to play sports and stretchy people want to stretch. There isn't a perfect system and there isn't a right or wrong so learn about it all and share your passion. I got fit using the same systems that we use in Wild Training. Finding the best exercise methods and making them relevant and fun for normal people with specific goals. It started as a hobby and it became an obsession.

One thing that I’ve learned is it’s always better to pull people towards their goals than to push them. Leading by example is at the core of everything I strive to achieve for myself, for my Wild trainers and for my clients.

Developing the other Wild trainers is something I'm very passionate about. The team is full of inspiring trainers that have an immense amount of fitness knowledge. We do more training and studying than any other group of trainers I've worked with. I believe that we have the ability to be the best trainers in the country and we aren't afraid of putting in the work to get there.

I don't base what I believe to be possible on what I have done before. I don't need to know that someone has achieved it before me to make me think I could try. If my imagination can see it, then I can try to make it happen. Trying and failing, or trying and succeeding. Either is enough for me. I can learn from both. I can't learn anything from not trying. If something is worth my time, its worth my best. Live without limits."

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“When we work with partners we want to ensure they are at the cutting edge of their field in order for us to maintain our value of high quality training. When we sought an authority on the topic of outdoor fitness training to be part of the Future Fit Pro Zone education platform, Wild Training’s experience, expertise and passion for what they do stood out. They walk the walk and you can be confident you’re learning from the best”


Future Fit Training, 2016, 2017, 2018 Active Training Awards – Training Provider of the Year.


Have a process - #UseYourClaws

4 claws of Wild Training. 
- Love. Love people. Love caring. Love what you do in every moment of your life. Then you will love your life.

- Passion. Passion is an unstoppable energy. Find yours, hold on to it, and use it every day. Do that and even when any rational person would give up, you will be able to keep going.

- Courage. Be fearless. Believe in yourself absolutely. Never stop trying. Never, ever let someone else devalue, or try to take your dream away. Remember that the people that judge you for trying harder than they try, will be forgotten about.

- Spark. The most important bit. Without spark, without taking initiative, taking something you think about, or something you talk about and making it something you do, nothing happens. Without Spark nothing becomes reality. Being first is the easiest way to win... at anything. Don’t watch other people win, and do things you thought about doing because you lacked spark.

Attack life with Spark every day and make stuff happen. Use courage and passion to see it through, and always use love to make it great.