What is Wild Training

Wild Training is about maximising power, endurance and control across the full range of natural movement.

We focus on power because it is correlated with longevity in life and superior performance in sport.  Power is the functional expression of strength and speed.  We focus on endurance because life and sport demand the ability to produce power over time. Finally, control of ourselves and external loads across full range of motion, allows power and endurance to be usefully applied.

Our training modality is based on obtaining the fastest results, which means training the weakest areas.  This minimises your risk of injury and your disproportionate capabilities.  It is the fastest route to maximum power output over time, accurately applied.

Achieving 80% of your maximal potential performance in power, endurance and control across the full range of natural movement, will result in a higher average fitness level than focusing on achieving an elite level in only one exercise modality.

We maintain high levels of training motivation through play, stimulation, and exploration of our physical potential. We don’t focus on the common path of external comparisons, which are (paradoxically) often de-motivating.  Instead we compare ourselves today with who we were yesterday.  We use visualisation and process goals to improve ourselves for tomorrow.