What is Urban Strength Training

Urban Strength Training - it's about movement, your body and gravity. Those three things are constant in life, activity and sport, so Urban Strength Training is for everyone.

Urban Strength Training makes Calisthenics accessible for everyone and creates progressions at every level. The word Calisthenics comes from the Greek words “Kallos” and “Sthenos”, which mean beauty and strength. When Greeks saw people mastering their own body weight thousands of years ago they named it beautiful strength.


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The Science Behind Urban Strength Training

Urban Strength Bar

The Urban Strength Bar brings together strength, flexibility and balance to achieve incredible results.

By enhancing movements with increasing levels of leverage the Urban Strength Bar can strengthen core muscle fibre which improves performance, reduces risk of injury and helps to tighten muscle tone to create beautiful body shapes by lengthening muscles through big, expressive movements.

It’s easy to work the whole body in the frontal, sagital and transverse planes of movement, and in fact link all of those planes of movement together which is one of the reason the Urban Strength Bar can help so many different types of people, achieve different types of goals, in a way that they see those results transfer in to all of the sports and activities that they enjoy. 



Parallettes are incredible tools for developing upper body and core strength. 

Used for years by Olympic gymnasts they have helped some of the most athletic people in the world go further. A lot of the movements on Parallettes are less dynamic than a lot of the other functional training equipment but that is part of their value. They offer a very different type of training that we can manipulate for our clients gains.

Wild Training designed these parallettes to allow for the best variety of exercises to be performed with good form. There are two aspects to Parallette Training that adds so much to body weight training.

-      Using the parallettes allows many exercises to be performed with a straighter wrist than would be possible if they were performed on the ground. The wrists are always the weakest link with body weight training. The parallettes let you have more time training before the wrists fatigue, which allows our members to get better results and reduces their risk of injury.

-      Extra ground clearance reduces frustration when learning new skills.

Static strength can develop amazing results as holding challenging positions with great control will activate a huge amount of muscle fibre, and help to improve stability, stamina and tone. 

Become an Urban Strength Training Instructor

WHY Urban Strength Training

If you are a gym instructor or personal trainer you have the opportunity to start Urban Strength Training sessions at a venue near you. Calisthenics exercise is a massive trend and demand for this style of training is huge. Urban Strength Training makes calisthenics accessible and effective for all levels and comes with a license that gives you all the programming, marketing and business support you need to achieve success. You will gain a huge amount of exposure in your community by running Urban Strength Training and that will help you build your client network and grow your business. 



Quality – The best exercise programs in the world are only the best if they are delivered by the best instructors. The Urban Strength Training courses and training resources will challenge the way you train yourself and the way you go about achieving your client’s goals. When you sign up and attend the initial Urban Strength Training Level 1 instructor course, you must pass it and meet our high standards. If an instructor isn’t good enough to pass the course, then they won’t get their Urban Strength Training certification and we will give them their course fee back. What other group exercises licenses can say that.

Programming – Every two months we create a brand new Urban Strength Training release. That means you get 2 months of new programming that progresses every two weeks to keep the training fun and engaging. 3 months is too long to stick to one program. All trainers know that results start to plateau after around 8 weeks, yet most other exercise licenses only change their programs every 3 months. That’s just lazy. By offering the different Urban Strength Training programs you will be able to cater for a wider range of member types and keep those members training with you for longer. The way we operate is better for your member’s results, and better for your member retention.

Business support – We know how to market the Urban Strength Training business because we have been doing it for a long time. You will have constant support from our team and be able to get advice at every stage of your business. From planning the launch of your Urban Strength Training classes, to building your client base with cost effective, targeted marketing material and implementing smart referral schemes. You will get access to the Urban Strength Training marketing suite where you can choose from a range of professionally designed business cards, flyers, posters and banners that you can personalise to promote your business. The way people get information and search for services is changing so we will also develop your understanding of how to use social media to ensure your Urban Strength Training business thrives and you enjoy consistency in your earnings.




Remember you are the boss, so how much you can earn is down to how much time and effort you can commit to your Urban Strength Training business. The structure we have designed is simple and gives Urban Strength Training instructors the flexibility to build their business quickly. The best thing about Urban Strength Training is there are no commercial license fees so you can run Urban Strength Training in any facility to gain exposure and build your network.

  • Instructors earn on average £25 per class but that can be as high as £41 per session
  • 2 - 4 classes per day = £50 - £100
  • 8 - 16 classes per week = £200 - £400

Working 40 weeks per year = £9,600 - £19,200



Urban Strength Trainin instructor Level 1 one day course - £215 (Introductory price of £150 for 2016)

Pre requisite, Level 2 Gym instructor qualification or higher

This hands-on course will allow you to take your knowledge of functional training to the next level and will give you all the skills and abilities you need to deliver outstanding Urban Strength Training classes. Our experts will take you through the current release of Urban Strength Training classes, and then will develop your technical knowledge of the programming, training and coaching concepts that will enable you to deliver outstanding Urban Strength Training classes. You will receive a pre-course info pack with an assessment that must be read, completed and returned one week before the course. You will be assessed throughout the day on the course and in a practical demonstration where you will deliver a Urban Strength Training session to the group. You will also receive a theory assessment after the course that must be completed and returned.

Promo material – You have the option to purchase the Urban Strength Training START UP PACK which includes business cards, flyers and a banner. Everything you need to kick off your Urban Strength Training business so that you can promote your classes in your local area. 



  • Access to the Urban Strength Training programming with detailed protocol sheets and full video programs uploaded to the secure area of the Wild Training website for you to download and learn.
  • Registration as a licensed Urban Strength Training instructor on our website so people can search for you
  • Access to the Urban Strength Training marketing suite and discounted printing services
  • Discount on equipment, clothing and marketing material
  • Cost - £25 per month


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