Calisthenics - What are they

It's about movement, your body and gravity. Those three things are constant in life, activity and sport, so calisthenics exercise is for everyone.

The word Calisthenics comes from the Greek words “Kallos” and “Sthenos”, which mean beauty and strength. When Greeks saw people mastering their own body weight back in the day they named it beautiful strength. Calisthenics. 

Expressive movements from levers and handstands to planches and transitions linking different positions and movements together.

The Urban Strength Training equipment like the Urban Strength Bar and Parallettes we use at the Wild Training Gym offer a really nice way to get in to calisthenics for people that aren't as experienced with body weight training.  

The parallettes allow you to practice sit position, press position and handstand position skills but thanks to their height you will get more time training and less time dragging your feet on the floor while you develop the early levels of strength you need to do these types of exercises with perfect form. Another benefit to using the parallettes is when gripping them your wrist will be in a straighter line compared to when you hand has to flex to plant on the floor. This means you can spend more time training without lots of wrist fatigue which means better results in less time. For developing great stability and strength in your upper body and linking that strength in to your abdominals and hips parallettes are incredible tools to add in to your training. 

The Urban Strength Bar is very different to the parallettes but that's one of the best things about it. Variety is the spice of life. 

The Urban Strength Bar brings together strength, flexibility and balance to achieve incredible results.

By enhancing movements with increasing levels of leverage the Urban Strength Bar can strengthen core muscle fibre which improves performance, reduces risk of injury and helps to tighten muscle tone to create beautiful body shapes by lengthening muscles.

It’s easy to work the whole body in the frontal, sagittal and transverse planes of movement, and in fact link all of those planes of movement together which is one of the reason the Urban Strength Bar can help so many different types of people, achieve different types of goals, in a way that they see those results transfer in to all of the sports and activities that they enjoy.

Calisthenics is about strengthening your body while lengthening your muscles so for us we think it can add something to literally every ones training. Whether you are training for weight loss, body shape, muscle tone or performance you will see and feel the results calisthenics deliver in everything you do. Results that transfer to life and sport. 

You can come and try some of this equipment and calisthenics training at the Wild Training Gym. Check out our 1 week trial offer. 

Another amazing resource is the guys over at GMB Fitness. These guys are incredible and offer some great programs if you want to take calisthenics to the next level. 

The parallettes and Urban Strength Bar are both available to buy from Physical Company so if you want to train with them at home you can get video programs from Wild Training and get going where ever you are. 

Beautiful Strength that will help you go turbo ninja in every moment. Get on calisthenics now.