Kilimanjaro world record training update

James' training is going well and has definitely stepped up for the world record attempt in October. Climbing up Kilimanjaro is a challenge and then doing a 1 hour workout at the top is going to be Wild! 

The planned workout will involve a Barbell, a Titan Bag, Parallettes and the Urban Strength bar. Read more about that equipment on our home gym package page.

Currently James is working hard on his base fitness with skilled systems that are the same as what we use with our clients, although he is hitting them with a few tweaks to make sure he is working a bit harder hopefully. 

Fit Squared is one of those systems. It's a HIIT (High Intensity Interval) based system that focuses on advanced integration of different functional training equipment, different movement speeds and challenging different energy systems. As personal training or group exercise programs go it's a Wild Training favourite because it is so versatile and so varied it's always fun and always pushed people to get new results. For fat loss, endurance, strength, power, speed and skill it's a hard system to beat.

Come down to a FREE Wild Training studio launch this summer to try a Fit Squared class for yourself, or any of the other Wild Training classes. Next thing you know you'll be thinking about climbing up a massive mountain to do a workout!!!

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