What is wild in the park

Outdoor group exercise built around proven training concepts that deliver real results for everyone in a fun and engaging way.

The Wild In The Park progressive programming enables trainers to create a service that gets lots of different types of people in to regular training, and most importantly keeps them training regularly.

Members training regularly and getting great results whilst having fun is going to guarantee two things. Awesome member retention and a whole lot of referrals.

The Wild Training brand and everything we now do was built out of the Wild In The Park service. It's how we started and it's in our opinion the best way for any fitness professional to build their own successful business.

Wild In The Park is not another bootcamp. Structured training phases focused on different components of fitness. Bi monthly program changes. Bi weekly program progressions. Versatile functional training equipment. Access to the Wild Journey nutrition resources. Wild In The Park is closer to personal training than traditional bootcamps. 

The different wild in the park programs

Wild In The Park PHA - World class whole body general conditioning that will build your ability to take in, transport and burn oxygen like nothing else. Wild In The Park PHA is the perfect system to combine with our Wild In The Park functional training equipment. Designed to be variable so no matter what your fitness level or experience, Wild In The Park PHA will help you get the most out of every session. 

Wild In The Park Tabata - Based on one of the most famous HIIT intervals in the world, Wild In The Park Tabata takes the legend to a new level. By using different combinations of our Wild in The Park functional training equipment we can maximise neurological shock and get the body reacting faster than ever. A Wild Training member favourite this system will help anyone get the bug for fitness as they see their fitness and body shape change dramatically. 

Wild In The Park Strength -  To this day Wild In The Park Strength is potentially the Wild Training program that has delivered the biggest changes to the most people. Using our tri-planar octagon system of training and focusing on kettlebells we have never seen a member disappointing by what this program delivers. The oldest program that founder of Wild Training James Griffiths still uses today... because he can't beat it. 

Wild In The Park SAQ - Train like it's a game. All of the Wild In The Park programs deliver results in very different ways. Speed, agility and quickness training has often been seen as an elite conditioning concept for pro athletes. Wild In The Park SAQ takes these top level systems and adapts them to be relevant to every day people with every day goals. Utilising speed ladders, athletic cone drills, agility hurdles and explosive Titan bag exercises, this phase accelerates every ones results.

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The Science Behind Wild Training 

Give us space and we can move. Give us more space and we can move more. Wild In The Park didn't start because it was a low cost way of training groups of people. It started because it was the best way to train group of people. With more space we have freedom to program anything.

No limitations. No restrictions. Choose the most effective equipment. Get enough equipment so you can run programs without multiple circuits at one time to keep coaching quality at it's highest. Phase the training the same way you would for a personal training client. Force people to experience training they wouldn't normally do in the gym. 

The best training is always the training you haven't done before. Thanks to our Wild In The Park programming and the equipment we use we can always create a neurological shock, and if we do that, the body will react. 

Battling ropes - A completely unique training system. Non impact cardio. Made famous by a legendary strong man. No momentum at any stage of the movement battling ropes require constant velocity that must be maintained. Less fit, the whip is smaller and slower. More experience the ship is bigger and faster. Effective for everyone at every level. 

Parallettes - Incredible tools for developing upper body and core strength. Used for years by Olympic gymnasts they have helped some of the most athletic people in the world go further. Movements on Parallettes are less dynamic than a lot of the other functional training equipment but that is part of their value. They offer a very different type of training that we can manipulate for our clients gains.

Titan Bags - The most versatile functional training bags on the market. They have been specifically designed for Wild Training so that we are able to deliver all the training systems we have developed with one tool. Top loading, Power lifts, Unique sandbag exercises and swing loaded movements. So many options our members never get bored of the results the Titan Bags deliver. 

Kettlebells - Incredible in their simplicity and maybe one of the most effective ways to strengthen the whole body. Improve the strength in the posterior chain and our ability to use our hips. Two of the most common weaknesses we see in members. Kettlebells will always be a part of Wild Training as to challenge your cardio and strength at the same time as developing movement in all planes of movement, they are unbeatable. 

Become a wild in the park instructor

WHY WILD In The Park

If you are a gym instructor or personal trainer you have the opportunity to start Wild In The Park classes at a venue near you. The outdoor fitness industry is booming and demand for these classes is huge. Wild In The Park is a structured group exercise program with a license that gives you all the programming, marketing and business support you need to achieve success. You will gain a huge amount of exposure in your community by running Wild In The Park and that will help you build your client network and grow your business. 



Quality – The best exercise programs in the world are only the best if they are delivered by the best instructors. The Wild In The Park courses and training resources will challenge the way you train yourself and the way you go about achieving your client’s goals. When you sign up and attend the initial Wild In The Park Level 1 instructor course, you must pass it and meet our high standards. If an instructor isn’t good enough to pass the course, then they won’t get their Wild In The Park certification and we will give them their course fee back. What other group exercises licenses can say that.

Programming – Every two months we create a brand new Wild In The Park release. That means you get 2 months of new programming that progresses every two weeks to keep the training fun and engaging. 3 months is too long to stick to one program. All trainers know that results start to plateau after around 8 weeks, yet most other exercise licenses only change their programs every 3 months. That’s just lazy. By offering the different Wild In The Park programs you will be able to cater for a wider range of member types and keep those members training with you for longer. The way we operate is better for your member’s results, and better for your member retention.


Pre requisite, Level 2 Gym instructor qualification or higher

This hands-on course will allow you to take your knowledge of functional training to the next level and will give you all the skills and abilities you need to deliver outstanding Wild In The Park classes. Our experts will take you through the current release of Wild In The Park classes, and then will develop your technical knowledge of the programming, training and coaching concepts that will enable you to deliver outstanding Wild In The Park classes. You will receive a pre-course info pack with an assessment that must be read, completed and returned one week before the course. You will be assessed throughout the day on the course and in a practical demonstration where you will deliver a Wild In The Park session to the group. You will also receive a theory assessment after the course that must be completed and returned.

Promo material – You have the option to purchase the Wild In The Park START UP PACK which includes business cards, flyers and a banner. Everything you need to kick off your Wild In The Park business so that you can promote your classes in your local area. 



  • Access to the Wild In The Park programming with detailed protocol sheets and full video programs uploaded to the secure area of the Wild Training website for you to download and learn.
  • Access to the Wild In The Park marketing suite 
  • Discount on equipment
  • Cost - £25 per month


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