4 claws of Wild Training. #UseYourClaws

- Love. Love people. Love caring. Love what you do in every moment of your life. Then you will love your life.  

- Passion. Passion is an unstoppable energy. Find yours, hold on to it, and use it every day. Do that and even when any rational person would give up, you will be able to keep going. 

- Courage. Be fearless. Believe in yourself absolutely. Never stop trying. Never, ever let someone else devalue, or try to take your dream away. Remember that the people that judge you for trying harder than they try, will be forgotten about.  

- Spark. The most important bit. Without spark, without taking initiative, taking something you think about, or something you talk about and making it something you do, nothing happens. Without Spark nothing becomes reality. Being first is the easiest way to win... at anything. Don’t watch other people win, and do things you thought about doing because you lacked spark. 

Attack life with Spark every day and make stuff happen. Use courage and passion to see it through, and always use love to make it great.  


James Griffiths