Our Aim

  • To engage students/members in regular, effective, structured exercise programs – not just random gym workouts.
  • To inspire student instructors and give them a positive introduction to the fitness industry with good training and systems that are currently pushing the industry forward.
  • To reduce the management time of teacher/staff needed to manage the gym facility. This will mean staff will be able to use their time more effectively to run other aspects of the business or help the students in areas where their skills and experience are stronger.
  • To engage the local community in regular, effective exercise and get them supporting the local school or sports club.
  • To give schools and sports clubs a commercially viable gym business that is self sufficient and that also promotes the school or sports club in a positive way, building the engagement between them and their local communities. 


What is the Wild Training Academy?

The focus of all the Wild Training Academies is to offer schools or sports clubs a way to create an effective exercise facility without having to spend valuable resources and staff time on managing it.

Many schools have small gym sets ups but the students don’t engage with it effectively, and the student instructors aren’t given good enough training to engage with other students or the local community in helping them achieve results. This means that the reputation of the facility and service is low, and the student instructors will not be motivated to work hard. Young fitness instructors will feel that their first experience of the fitness industry is basically babysitting a quiet gym and cleaning equipment.

With sports clubs they are perfectly set up for operating small fitness facilities like schools, but in a similar way, don’t always have the commercial experience to make a gym work for their club.

The Wild Training Academy is an all-encompassing system that will give the school or club an exciting fitness facility for everyone to benefit from.


Set up / maintenance

Wild Training have established very strong relationships with some of the largest commercial fitness suppliers in the industry like Physical Company and Precor, and this means we can help schools and sports clubs purchase equipment, and get their equipment maintained or replaced at the most competitive prices. We can also advise the Academies on what equipment is worth purchasing so that any money spent is spent effectively to improve the fitness facilities for everyone who uses it. We also set all Wild Training Academies up a direct debit system and a tried and tested membership structure so that we can develop and maintain an effective member base and a consistent income. 



Wild Training will deliver initial training to all the instructors selected to become Wild Training Academy instructors. This will include training on all of the fundamentals that instructors need to know to deliver the exercise systems that Wild Training will program for them with background knowledge so they can develop a strong rapport with all members by developing trust and confidence in their ability as instructors. The initial training is delivered face to face by one of the Wild Training franchise owners and all instructors will get the Wild Training Academy manual to keep which includes fundamentals of Wild Training + professional approach to the instructor role. We also give the instructors a work book to complete in the 4 weeks post initial training course, so that we can see they have gone away and experienced the training for themselves, and retained the information. 



Sometimes, even fully qualified personal trainers working in big gyms are lazy with programming new workouts for their members, so we aren’t going to rely on the Wild Training Academy instructors to design, test and deliver effective, fun, innovative programs for members. Wild Training has operated a bi monthly phased exercise system since 2010 and it has achieved incredible success for our members, and for the franchises operating the business. It encourages progression, and retention of your members. We also use fitness focuses to give members a specific goal to work on in each phase. This helps members see the benefit of their training, as if they are left to see aesthetic results on their own, they will lose motivation. The fitness improvements will be huge, so by getting members to focus on those gains, they stay motivated, and before you know it they start looking a lot better too. All these programs are delivered by video every two months to all members. 



With the best intentions in the world if someone doesn’t fuel their body properly, they aren’t going to see results from the exercise and activity they do. We always tell our clients that they are a mirror image of their lifestyle, so if they want to change their image, we need to change their lifestyle and not just how they exercise. All Wild Training Academy members will be given a free food intake analysis and we will also provide them with a three week healthy eating plan with over 30 healthy recipes. We deliver all our member education via the Wild Training Journey system that includes three levels that the members work through, making the changes they make bite size and the journey becomes aspirational. For the Wild Training Academy instructors they will get a huge amount of resources to make this very easy for them to deliver with minimal work load. The training the Wild Training Academy instructors get focuses in a big way around lifestyle and nutrition so that the Wild Training Instructors are able to support all the Academy members with the Wild Training Journey system. This is the same system that our franchises use for every single Wild Training member because it's practical, simple, and has been proven time and time again to be an effective way of teaching people to enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. We include:

Food diary templates

Food diary assessment instructions

Food diary feedback templates

Elimination and reintroducing three week food plan

30+ healthy, easy to cook recipes



The Wild Training franchise has successfully helped all of our franchisees launch and build incredible businesses so far. We have spent enough time and money on marketing that doesn’t work to know how important it is to get it right. The Wild Training marketing resources are vast and are structured in a way that allows people with little marketing experience to achieve success. Simple to understand strategies, clearly laid out action lists and key information on increasing client numbers, sales tips and we have even created a social media manual for Wild Training to show our instructors how to use social media effectively to market their businesses. The Wild Training Academy instructors would be able to use these resources to get more members in the gym and gain valuable experience in effective marketing. 



The Wild Training branding is incredible and one of the big reasons that people take notice of us initially. We have a great relationship with Just Digital, a click to print digital marketing company that have given us an online marketing suite where Wild Training Academies will be able to order flyers, posters, banners, flags and anything else they feel will help them market the school gym facility. These are all editable, and then sent straight to the Academy so it’s a very slick system. Wild Training pay for all the professional design of the marketing material, so it all looks brilliant, and we make sure it will be effective marketing. We will also provide the school with branding guidelines and ensure all the Wild Training Academy instructors get a Wild Training Academy Instructor T shirts to wear with pride when they are working in the gym or training themselves.

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