What is BTB Exercise

On the most basic level movement occurs in 3 different planes. We can move forward and backwards, side to side and we can rotate. This is one of the first things personal trainers learn and yet many exercise programs don't incorporate movements in all three planes. It's no wonder that most injuries happen when we move side to side or we rotate, as these movements are trained the least.

Functional training describes exercise that transfers more to everyday life and sports. Improving your performance in the gym is one thing but we want to help you improve your ability to perform the activities you enjoy.

In 2011 personal trainer James Griffiths, founder of Wild Training and the ATI barbell, developed a training system that enabled him to teach his clients whole body, functional movements that incorporated all three planes of movement. The Tri-Planar Octagon System. Of all the equipment that he used with his clients, a simple barbell was the most versatile, most effective and the most fun. BTB exercise was born.


How is it different

Our systems encourage progression at every level. We want to challenge the fitness industry and change the way people train with barbells. All classes are 30 minutes long to encourage better quality exercise. You benefit more from the high intensity programs, create less stress in the body and save time.

Programs focus on improving functional fitness levels while reducing risk of injury. All the programs burn fat fast because they increase aerobic and anaerobic fitness at the same time. Anyone that has done BTB exercise knows the metabolic impact you get is huge. You will be buzzing.

Forget exercises that focus on muscle actions, start training your movements. That's how your body works, and that's how we get the best results. Move in different directions, throw different shapes, challenge your balance, cardio and strength all at the same time. Have FUN with it!


The different BTB programs

BTB Cardio Strength – Watch a video of this class

Highly aerobic resistance exercise that will improve fitness, whole body strength and help you burn fat.

BTB Burn – Watch a video of this class

One of the best ways to develop aerobic and anaerobic fitness at the same time. That means better fat burning and a faster metabolism.

BTB Shaping – Watch a video of this class

Long time under tension to tone, short rests to burn fat, higher volume to increase lean muscle. The ultimate program to create an athletic body shape.


BTB Mace Training – Watch a video of this class

The most exciting way to improve core strength and tone your whole body. A new way to train. A new challenge.

BTB Toning – Watch a video of this class

Our female specific class that has been developed to help woman achieve lean, feminine body shapes. High time under tension to improve tone and low volume exercise to avoid building muscle bulk.

BTB Muscle – Watch a video of this class

Our male specific class that will build strength and muscle mass fast. High volume, high fatigue exercise that targets big muscle groups.

The Science Behind the training

High Intensity Training

High intensity training has shown how in less time you can get much better results. If you train for 60 minutes it's impossible to work at the same intensity you can work at for only 30 minutes. The higher the intensity of your workout, the longer it takes for you body to come back down to a resting state. Training closer to your maximum effort will keep your metabolism up for a lot longer than training at a steady state. 


The size principle

Henneman’s size principle states that slow fatiguing, low force muscle fibres (slow twitch) are activated before fast fatiguing, high force muscle fibres (fast twitch). The best way to get all your muscle fibres working at the same time is to train in a way that fatigues the slow twitch muscles quickly. This will make the load you are working with feel much heavier, which is what makes your fast twitch muscles kick in to help you maintain the exercise. The BTB exercise programs are all based on minimal rest periods so by the end of the workout you will have activated all your different muscle types. The size principle relates to muscle activation, not the size of your muscles. You will improve stamina, strength and power at the same time.


Time Under tension

All the BTB exercise programs involve a high time under tension, meaning your muscles are engaged without any pause for long periods at a time. This is so you get the most out of the 30 minute workout. Short rests help create a big metabolic impact and increase muscle activation. The key benefit of training with a high time under tension is improving muscle tone. The longer your muscles are under tension, the more toned you will get.


Fast twitch muscle fibres are the only known stimulant of human growth hormone (HGH). HGH is a key hormone in recovery and your metabolism. HGH declines rapidly after the age of 21 and the amount of HGH you secrete depends on how much lean body mass and belly fat you have. The more belly fat you have, the less HGH your body produces. Therefore, one major goal of any fitness program should be getting your body to pump up its HGH production. BTB exercise programs will increase lean muscle, reduce body fat and will help you activate more fast twitch muscle fibre, so HGH levels will be improved.

Become a btb exercise instructor

Why btb exercise 

If you are a gym instructor or personal trainer you have the opportunity to join BTB Exercise and start something truly exciting. Exciting for your community, for your clients and for yourself. The combination of our creative programming, the BTB tri-planar system and our goal specific class protocols make the BTB Exercise training effect unbeatable. Once you have experienced a BTB Exercise class you will know that statement is true.


How is the btb license different to any other group exercise system?

Quality – The best exercise programs in the world are only the best if they are delivered by the best instructors. The BTB Exercise courses and training resources will challenge the way you train yourself and the way you go about achieving your client’s goals. When you sign up and attend the initial BTB Exercise Level 1 instructor course, you must pass it and meet our high standards. If an instructor isn’t good enough to pass the course, then they won’t get their BTB Exercise certification and we will give them their course fee back. What other group exercises licenses can say that.

Programming – Every two months we create a brand new series of BTB Exercise releases. That means you get three new programs every two months to encourage progression with all your members and keep their exercise exciting and effective. 3 months is too long to stick to one program. All trainers know that results start to plateau after around 8 weeks, yet most other exercise licenses only change their programs every 3 months. That’s just lazy. By offering female specific, male specific and general conditioning programs in each release we will help you cater for a wider range of member types. The way we operate is better for your member’s results, and better for your member retention.


Pre requisite, Level 2 Gym instructor qualification or higher

This hands-on course will allow you to take your knowledge of functional tri-planar training to the next level and will give you all the skills and abilities you need to deliver outstanding BTB Exercise classes. Our experts will take you through the current release of BTB Exercise classes, and then will develop your technical knowledge of the programming, training and coaching concepts that will enable you to deliver outstanding BTB Exercise classes. You will receive a pre-course info pack with an assessment that must be read, completed and returned one week before the course. You will be assessed throughout the day on the course and in a practical demonstration where you will deliver a BTB Exercise session to the group. You will also receive a theory assessment after the course that must be completed and returned.

Barbells - When starting your BTB business we can offer you a discount on high quality barbells perfectly suited for all the BTB Exercise programs. You can select any number of bars to purchase at a discounted price or you can purchase 10 barbells as a package and get an even bigger discount.

Promo material – You have the option to purchase the BTB Exercise START UP PACK which includes business cards, flyers and a banner. Everything you need to kick off your BTB Exercise business so that you can promote your classes in your local area. 

whats included in the license

  • 18 programs per year (three programs every two months) with detailed protocol sheets and full video programs uploaded to the secure area of the BTB Exercise website for you to download and learn.
  • Access to the BTB marketing suite and discounted printing services
  • Discount on Barbells.
  • Cost - £25 per month


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