What is BTB Exercise

On the most basic level movement occurs in 3 different planes. We can move forward and backwards, side to side and we can rotate. This is one of the first things personal trainers learn and yet many exercise programs don't incorporate movements in all three planes. It's no wonder that most injuries happen when we move side to side or we rotate, as these movements are trained the least.

Functional training describes exercise that transfers more to everyday life and sports. Improving your performance in the gym is one thing but we want to help you improve your ability to perform the activities you enjoy.

In 2011 personal trainer James Griffiths, founder of Wild Training and the ATI barbell, developed a training system that enabled him to teach his clients whole body, functional movements that incorporated all three planes of movement. The Tri-Planar Octagon System. Of all the equipment that he used with his clients, a simple barbell was the most versatile, most effective and the most fun. BTB exercise was born.


How is it different

Our systems encourage progression at every level. We want to challenge the fitness industry and change the way people train with barbells. All classes are 30 minutes long to encourage better quality exercise. You benefit more from the high intensity programs, create less stress in the body and save time.

Programs focus on improving functional fitness levels while reducing risk of injury. All the programs burn fat fast because they increase aerobic and anaerobic fitness at the same time. Anyone that has done BTB exercise knows the metabolic impact you get is huge. You will be buzzing.

Forget exercises that focus on muscle actions, start training your movements. That's how your body works, and that's how we get the best results. Move in different directions, throw different shapes, challenge your balance, cardio and strength all at the same time. Have FUN with it!


The different BTB programs

BTB Cardio Strength – Watch a video of this class

Highly aerobic resistance exercise that will improve fitness, whole body strength and help you burn fat.

BTB Burn – Watch a video of this class

One of the best ways to develop aerobic and anaerobic fitness at the same time. That means better fat burning and a faster metabolism.

BTB Shaping – Watch a video of this class

Long time under tension to tone, short rests to burn fat, higher volume to increase lean muscle. The ultimate program to create an athletic body shape.


BTB Mace Training – Watch a video of this class

The most exciting way to improve core strength and tone your whole body. A new way to train. A new challenge.

BTB Toning – Watch a video of this class

Our female specific class that has been developed to help woman achieve lean, feminine body shapes. High time under tension to improve tone and low volume exercise to avoid building muscle bulk.

BTB Muscle – Watch a video of this class

Our male specific class that will build strength and muscle mass fast. High volume, high fatigue exercise that targets big muscle groups.