Adam Gibbs

I booked on to my first personal training session with James as I wanted to make a change in my life and start living a healthier lifestyle. My first session I didn't know what to expect and what a shock it was when I realised how unfit I was as it made me feel physically sick.

In my short time training I have done many different activities, some of which include the kettlebell round the clock challenge, Complex training and PHA workouts. These systems really pushed what I could do and the help and support I received not just from James but from the Wild Training team helped me to keep pushing myself and keep getting results.


Adam achieved the above transformation in 4 months

One of the things out of training which I struggled with was changing my diet as I was eating a lot of the wrong foods but thanks to the Wild Training food plan it made it easier. Changing my diet boosted my weight loss and made me feel better and more confident in myself. I had the energy to wake up at a normal hour and enjoy my day feeling better in myself and looking forward to my next training session.

Overall I am just so happy and pleased with the weight I have lost as it has made my life easier on a day to day basis and I'm looking forward to all the benefits from it in the future. This has also helped me work towards my ultimate goal for joining one of the emergency services which is why I made the decision to go to James in the first place.

I am just so grateful for all the help and support I have received from all the Wild Training team and the members along my journey.