Welcome to Wild Training. The gym with a difference.

We’re your local gym, based in Loudwater that makes exercise fun, effective and inclusive. We’ve built a friendly, enthusiastic and motivated community at Wild Training and love seeing our members enjoying themselves, while reaching their fitness goals.

Not all of our members have always enjoyed exercise. Some were used to reluctantly dragging themselves to the gym, only to spend ten minutes thinking about their exercise regime, and the next twenty, bored on a cross trainer. This type of monotonous regime doesn’t create a healthy relationship with exercise.

At Wild Training, we transform your relationship with the gym and exercise. We beat the boredom and re-spark your motivation and willpower with our dedicated personal trainers and structured group classes.

Wild Training Gym - Steve Backshall quote

Challenge your body and defy your limits with over 15 inspiring exercise classes, varying from Aerial Silks and Yoga to Wild MMA and HIIT Strength Training.

Everything we do is to serve our members. As such, we don’t believe in tying you in to a contract. We have so much faith in the results Wild Training brings to our members that we offer our membership on a monthly basis.

We also run a series of offers for both our members and new visitors. From student discount, to special, seasonal deals – we’ve got you covered!