The Wild Life Changer

Adam Gibb is one of the most inspiring stories Wild Training have ever been involved with. 18 years old. Got his dream job to join the police. Interview and role related tests passed... and he’s told he is too overweight to be accepted and has 4 months to make the standard.

In February 2017 he passed his medical, dropping under the 30 BMI he was set as a target to be accepted, after losing 1lb short of 8 stone with Wild Training. On the 19th of March 2017, he smashed his police fitness test and was clear to start his police training. The Wild Life Changer program was inspired by Adams journey with Wild Training.:

Wild Life Changer

Transform your life for £6 per day


  • £186 per month

  • Includes Wild Training Gym membership

    • 3 exercise classes per week

    • 1 personal training session per week*

    • Lifestyle assessment at the start and end of the program

We will change your life in 3 months

Or we will give you your money back

Looking at bio markers the medical world respect we will help you get fitter and improve your health in just 3 months.... or we will give you your money back. A money backed guarantee on getting fit and healthy.

No weekly assessments or weigh ins. That creates the wrong focus. We don't really care about the numbers. We care about the lifestyle. The focus is changing lifestyle so no weekly measure will help create a good relationship with that idea. We test at the start... then focus on lifestyle meaning training, food and rest time. Then we test the results at the end. It's about trusting the process. Aiming for health... Which with the right training can always delivers weight loss, lean muscle, strength, more energy, more confidence, a healthier head and a happier soul.

We are so confident by this program,  we are putting our brands reputation on it with a money back guarantee. Fitness is a lot of different things to different people. That's what makes it so exciting and fun. A healthy lifestyle. A good balance. No limitations. Everyone will see value in those things no matter what their passion is. #LiveAWildLife.

*Package includes four 1 hour personal training sessions each month.