Wild Training "In The Park" was inspired by our personal training clients for one purpose: To achieve the best possible results for your money. We have created a system that promotes progression in group outdoor exercise, something not achieved by many other training companies.

Group exercise has a reputation for involving ineffective, random, boring exercises that are used in poorly planned routines or circuits with instructors that offer little coaching and just make a lot of noise. Wild Training "In The Park" is in a different league. 

You will use some of the most innovative equipment in the world and some of the most effective programs ever created in systems that have never failed to achieve our clients results.

Maximum group numbers of just 10 people per class is another reason why Wild Training will get you doing better quality exercise, and our Wild trainers can deliver better quality coaching than our competition can.

We won't let you down!


What you get

  • 3 outdoor group training sessions per week using innovative equipment & training programs proven to work
  • Personal nutrition analysis and feedback
  • Detailed food planning and loads of healthy recipes


You should do it if:

  • You want to lose fat, tone up and get the best results you've ever seen
  • You want to improve your core, endurance and strength with tested systems
  • You need flexible training times
  • You like training in small groups for extra motivation
  • You like the idea of training outside in the fresh air
  • You want to be inspired and train with the top trainers in the country