Wild In The Home

The ultimate home fitness solution

Exercise DVD's don't adapt and evolve for your fitness to keep you motivated and keep your results coming. Wild In The Home does. The best equipment, progressive video training plans, practical nutrition planning. Wild In The Home makes regular exercise achievable for everyone

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Wild In The Home

This is an exciting moment. For so long people would ask us "When is Wild Training coming to me, I really want to train with you guys".

We can't be everywhere and we aren't in a rush to sign up lots of personal trainers.... but now you can train with Wild Training... where ever you are.

Wild In The Home is a BRAND NEW kind of home exercise service. For the Wild In The Home kit we have selected exercise equipment that we love and use every day because of how effective and versatile it is, and it doesn't take up much space at all so it's ideal for home use.

Great equipment is only great if you know how to use it, so the really exciting part of Wild In The Home is the subscription service. We deliver brand new video training programs to you every two months. Two months is ideal as it gives you enough time to actually see results but not too long to get bored and see results plateau. We keep it fun by creating program progressions every two weeks, so the training plans grow with you and it stays fresh and challenging.

That's how Wild Training has always worked. We focus on a goal. Smash it with varied training that's fun and effective for all levels of fitness, and then we move on to a new goal so that the results never stop coming. That's why our members love Wild Training so much. They enjoy it... it doesn't get boring... and it works... simple.

No more excuses. You can do Wild Training anytime, anywhere and get all the support with programming and nutrition too.


Wild In The Home equipment

  • Urban Strength Bar
  • Titan Bag
  • Kettlebell (price quoted includes 8kg kettlebell. Other sizes are available but will affect cost) 
  • Parallettes

Normal Price for the equipment £232.75

Our price to you - £190.00*

*To get this price you must sign up to the £10 monthly Wild In The Home subscription.

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