Wild Ninjas Amersham

Wild Ninjas Amersham

Wild Ninjas Amersham kicks off on Saturday 25th March. Fun and effective 60 minute fitness classes for children aged 10-14. Only £2 per child per session. Adults get a free session at the Wild Training Gym in High Wycombe.


The programs change all the time to keep kids engaged and focus on the 3 fundamentals of movement, balance, co-ordination and agility. Introducing exercise to children early is essential for optimal motor skill development and to increase lifetime participation in fitness activity.  Lot's of different equipment is used to make the Wild Ninja Amersham sessions exciting, this helps keep young people attending regular exercise. 


King George V Playing Fields King George V Road, Amersham,  Buckinghamshire HP6 5DP

Book tickets

For tickets simply click this link and in the calendar click on the 25th, from there instructions will guide you through - https://events.ticketbooth.eu/event/wild-ninja

The cost is £2 per ticket

Something for the parents too!

Parents will get a free trial week at the Wild Training Gym! 


Wild Training have teamed up with Active-Bucks. Active-In (Bucks) are a project management company that specialise in the sports development, physical activity and health industries. Offering a large number of free and low cost activities to the public and schools, the team also provide professional services and advice to partner organisations throughout the Buckinghamshire County and surrounding area.

Wild Training are pleased to be working with Active-Bucks to help get kids active. Wild Ninjas Amersham and Wild Ninjas High Wycombe will be rolled out

Discover more about Active-in - http://www.active-in.co.uk