Turn your New Year resolution into a ‘New You’ resolution and live a healthy lifestyle year-round


A healthy lifestyle isn’t just for January. ‘This year, I pledge to lose weight and get fit!’ is one of the top 10 most commonly broken New Year resolutions following a fortnight of indulgence. In the wake of fast emerging healthy-living fads such as ‘Dry January’ and ‘Veganuary’ dominating our social media feeds, it’s easy to be overly strict with ourselves during January and overly indulgent from February.

While we actively promote, encourage and enable a healthy lifestyle, far too often we find that February is the month when our New Year resolutions begin to crack at the seams. We encourage our members not to become trapped into fad diets and unsustainable New Year resolutions, and instead to embrace a healthy, (manageable) lifestyle, all year round. We want our members to turn their ‘New Year’ resolution into a ‘New You’ resolution and realise that February is no time to give up.

At Wild Training, we ensure that our members don’t find coming to the gym a chore, obligation or bore. Here, there is something to keep everyone hooked throughout the entire year, not just for January. For the muscle junky, we offer incredible strength training solutions – including our famous Muscle Tunnel, the first BarMania.PRO rig in the UK and our exclusive, highly effective, Calisthenics workshops. Perhaps you’ve recently given birth and you’re keen to get back to your pre baby self – we have a class for that too! Prefer tranquillity and Zen? Our Yoga and Aerial Silks classes will give you some head space. Or maybe you’re a foodie craving delicious recipes but struggling to strike the balance between healthy and tasty; we also advise on nutritional plans to suit your goals.

James, Wild Training Gym’s Founder has his own goal

It is my personal passion and mission to continue to grow Wild Training’s friendly, enthusiastic and motivated community. I want each and every one of our members to enjoy a healthy lifestyle that is effective, different and fun. We don’t just offer an exercise plan, but a lifestyle plan. From expert attention delivered by our dedicated instructors to educated advice on nutritional plans. Our members are at the heart of everything we do.

Talk to us about being the healthiest and best you, all year round.

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James Griffiths