Wild Tip Of The Day #TOTD

Wild Tip of The Day

Hit your training hard and you will see the results you want. From a lifestyle point of view, when you want to look good, feel young forever, avoid injuries and have the freedom that proper fitness gives you in attacking every part of life... you've got to mix your training up.

Low intensity cardio, strength machines, static or slow controlled core work.... they are go to exercise systems for lots of people looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle and a better looking body, but relatively they are all pretty slow forms of exercise.

Kick boxing, slamming a med ball, swinging a titan bag around, sprinting, jumping. This sort of explosive exercise will have a massive impact on two things. Your metabolism, and your hormone profile. Keep those two things healthy and your body will thank you.

Learn about how to build power based training in to your routine or get involved with some of the Wild Training Gym classes.