Wild Athlete Introduction

Wild Athlete

Fitness has exploded into a big industry over the past 40 years. The increase in scientific research has increased the quality of conditioning in elite sport, however despite the level of research available the level of fitness in amateur sport is lacking. 

After years off, I recently joined a local football team, low level Sunday 11-a-side league plus a few 6-a-side leagues for a bit of fun, after all having fun and participating is what this level is all about!

Having said that, as participants we still need to look after ourselves, make sure our bodies are able to cope with the intensity of the game. 

Being 3 years since playing competitively the level of fitness/conditioning hasn't changed much, still there's a high percentage of participants prone to injuries due to muscular imbalances and poor mobility. 

Yes technical skill is essential and may be present but ultimately whether your goal is to maintain playing well into your 40's or step up and improve the standard you are playing at, you will always be restricted by your physical fitness. 

Wild Athlete is a 3 month case study aimed at improving physical performance through sport specific conditioning with the added goal of improving physique.

The case study will help those interested in improving sports performance but don't have the guidance of a strength and conditioning coach and at the same time want to use that training in a way that they can achieve the desired aesthetic results.

Less fat, more muscle, better tone, athletic body shape. That's the plan.

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