Wild Training Classes

I have recently come across some pretty hard-hitting numbers that prove poor fitness practice is becoming the norm – our classes are the answer. Over 60% of gym visitors find sticking with a plan for longer than 3 months challenging, and up to 92% of people fail at their fitness resolutions before the end of the year.

For me, the main reasons why people struggle with committing to their training plans is a combination of boredom, time and lack of understanding. We’ve all been victims of turning up to the gym– albeit with all good intentions, spending 20 minutes deciding what to train, ending up on the treadmill, and after another 10 minutes, losing all motivation and sneaking off out the back door. All you get from this is bad memories and zero willpower.

You can beat that boredom and regain your motivation and willpower with Wild Training’s structured group classes that use your time far more effectively. We run over 15 different classes (some only taking 30 minutes) that are challenging, fun, and cater for everyone, whatever their goals. The classes will deliver results – physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Wild Training split our group exercise classes in to three categories - Strength, Cardio and Movement. What is your goal?

Weight loss - pick two cardio and one strength class per week.

Build muscle – if you want to become stronger, choose three strength classes per week.

Improve your movement - one strength class and two movement classes is the best combination for you

Fancy a mix - go for one of each.

The trick is to focus on one combination for four to eight weeks. After this period, try mixing it up. Give your body enough time on a program to adapt to it, and then tweak it before it gets too easy and you stop getting results.

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