#LoseTheLabel - It's just training


Labels. I've hated them all my life. Always seem self limiting. Geek, jock, meat head, unfit, fit, too young, too old, fat, skinny, small muscles, big muscles. The list is endless. How does it happen. Do we feel we need to fit in to a label for acceptance. Do marketing companies have to force labels upon us so that they can target groups of us. Are labels a good thing or a bad thing. In my head labels are a guaranteed way to create a failing culture.

You are not fit. So to be fit.... You do what you have to do to get the label I.e. Join a gym, wear stretchy clothing, post about everything you eat and always take pics/videos of your workouts to share on social media..... Because more important than how fit you are, is how fit you are perceived to be. Maintaining the label takes a lot of energy, you stop enjoying it because results are up and down. Injuries set in and before you know it, you are labelled unfit, so you give up.

"Taking a break from training."
"Not motivated right now."
"I'm not in to fitness anymore."

We have all heard these sorts of termination statements before.

Why do we need to label what we do at all. It's just training. Something we have a responsibility to do, to maintain our health, our ability to support our communities and to allow us to lead a positive, fun, life with no pain or limitations.

If you had a Ferrari.... You have to maintain it. Regular services. Oil changes. New tyres. Brake maintenance. The list would be long for a high performance exotic, Italian car.

Then you can choose to do this maintenance on the cheap with non qualified mechanics and use third party parts. You can choose to put cheaper, lower quality oils and fuel in your super car.

All these choices can seem like money saving choices.... but it doesn't take a mechanic to know what disrespecting any car, let alone a top end car like a Ferrari with poor maintenance, parts and fluids is going to lead to. The car won’t perform properly, it will break, and potentially could fail critically at a moment that could become fatal.

Dramatic, but an easy illustration to follow as whilst the majority of us don't have Ferrari's, we do have cars we spend lots of money on each year to keep them safe and working.

Now the crunch. YOU ARE A FERRARI. You are a sexy, exotic, high performance Italian super car that NEEDS MAINTAINING. Better believe that your body is more complicated than a Ferrari and evolution has put more R&D time to in to us than any car company will ever put in to any car.

Do we respect our bodies as much as material things, and more importantly do our actions demonstrate this?

Do we spend as much money on body maintenance as we do on car maintenance or house maintenance?

So we have to choose to maintain our body. Then we have to choose how we do our maintenance.

Join a gym, get an exercise DVD, train with a friend you have labelled fit, get a personal trainer, join a weight loss group, buy a mountain bike, join a sports team, sign up to a challenge you need to train for, go on a fitness holiday..... So many options.... but which ones are the cheap oils? Which ones are the unqualified mechanics?

Is spending less money on a cheap gym membership a way of saving yourself money when the cheap gym doesn't deliver the results you want, or does deliver them but doesn't motivate you enough to keep it up so you lose the results again (bouncing between the "fit" and "unfit” label).

Is spending money on lots of food supplements a cost effective way to lose weight long term if long term you can't afford to keep up with those supplements?

The fitness industry is full of opinions, trends and lots of ways of achieving similar things. The beauty of that is that we are all individuals. Its not always right or wrong, black or white.

Its colourful, varied and beautiful and we should all embrace the different choices we make to enjoy life and celebrate the differences that make us unique. We don't always fit in to a label and when we don't fit a label.... we give up.


Its just training. Its just something we have a responsibility to do to show a bit of self respect to ourselves.

Train for your own reasons, on your own terms. No right, no wrong.

Choose how you maintain your body and be honest about how you approach it so you can be realistic about what you get out of it.

No more "fit" or "unfit". No more "skinny" or "overweight". No more “old” or “young”. No more "small muscles" and "big muscles".

No more labels. It's just training.

This is how Wild Training has built our community. By supporting people with effective ways to maintain their health, get the results they want to feel and see, and most importantly, have fun while they do it in as many different ways as you can imagine. Come and train with us and see for yourself.

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