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What makes the Wild Training exercise licences work?

Proven concept – The Wild Training group exercise and personal training programs have been built by trainers for trainers and gyms to be successful. Use tried and tested systems to reduce your workload and increase your success.

Affordable investment – A low training fee and affordable monthly license payments means that it’s now easy for you to have the right exercise services to grow your business efficiently.

World class support – “Overwhelming” is a word used by nearly every personal trainer Wild Training have ever worked with when it comes to our support and development training.

Simple process – The process to get started with Wild Training is easy. Attend one of our 8 hour training courses and then you get your first month access to our online training programs and instructor education videos free. This includes access to the comprehensive marketing suites that will help you grow your business. 

Average number of sessions members attend per week = 3

87% of our members train with Wild Training for more than 12 months.


Founders experience 

Since 2007 James Griffiths, founder of Wild Training has experienced a lot of what the fitness industry has to offer. This experience and his own creativity have helped him develop some of the most revolutionary functional training systems in the world today. James trains with the Wild Training team relentlessly to ensure the Wild Training standard of personal training and group exercise is unbeatable. James will not sit still and will always look to improve... everything he is involved with whilst pushing the fitness industry and challenging conventional thinking.

"Fitness is like art, and it's never black and white. Exercise can deliver so many different things to so many different people. When it's done right what you get is more than better health and a better look. It's a better quality of life. That's why I love what I do. It's about creativity and that creativity is endless because every single person is working towards an individual goal, from an individual starting position. Wild Training will never stop evolving because we are all still learning all the time, but that’s what keeps it exciting for me, our trainers and our members.”

Customer Retention – We have built are business in a credible way, which means if someone trains with Wild Training, we sell it as a package that delivers results. The results and the variety of programming we deliver means people love the service and never get bored.

How Wild really stands out - More than ever people are aware of the importance of health and fitness. Wild Training breaks the mould. We understand the difference between what consumers expect and what they need which means our clients value what we deliver above any exercise they have done before.