Urban Strength Training

If gyms evolved from sports then our facilities would look very different from the traditional free weight, cardio, studio plan that nearly all gyms have. Fact is that most people that enjoy sports or activities like gymnastics don't do these activities to lose weight and tone up... and yet more people that do activities and sports like this get better results than the majority of people that go to the gym. So it's time to train like it's a game. 

Urban Strength Training is a system of exercise that Wild Training developed through our experience with body weight exercise. Three things are constant in all sport, activity and life. Your body, movement and gravity. These are the three things that make Urban Strength Training suitable for EVERYONE, no matter the goal, and it's how Wild Training ensure the training our members can do will transfer to everything that they enjoy outside of the gym. 

Our members have plenty of space to train in and with facilities including a 7 meter Barmania calisthenics rig, our Urban Strength Bars, Parallettes, suspension training systems and Olympic rings the body weight training on offer at the Wild Training Gym is incredible.

Urban Strength Training is a system on personal training and group exercise programs that Wild Training have developed to make calisthenics training accessible to everyone, with incremental progressions to help all our members progress their skills and fitness. 

Do something different, get different results.