Wild Training brand values

  • To make it fun
  • To keep it effective
  • To include everyone

Live a Wild life is about never wasting a second, in anything we do. When we work, we work 100% focused on delivering the best. When we train we push 100% and hit programming like professional athletes, because we are professional trainers, and our health is our business. It’s also about the fun parts of life. When we are on Family time, it’s 100%, not 50% thinking about work and looking at emails and 50% on family. 50% isn’t good enough for work and it isn’t good enough for your family and the people you love. To have a business like the Wild Training franchise that gives you the flexibility and freedom to live a Wild life is worth more than all the money in the world. A great living, that you earn in a way that allows you to enjoy living.


Trainer testimonies about Wild Training

Cathy Lane - I joined Wild Training in 2012 as a client, having trained for a few months it quickly became apparent that this was a growing business and a fantastic brand. With moral support from the team I got myself qualified and didn't think twice before joining them in bringing our values to our clients. 
Wild Training is a brand and business that focus on making fitness accessible for all, making it fun and ensuring our members stay fit and healthy ..... whilst maintaining balance! 
Wild is no ordinary fitness company. We run a huge variety of classes but don't have treadmills, cross trainers or pec decks and are proud that we keep our members fit and highly motivated using our programmes and one to one sessions with our trainers.  What's great is that there's a buzz in every class that can't be replicated when in a gym environment - everyone encourages each other no matter what their fitness level. 
The fitness industry is a fast moving one, and I firmly believe that what's on offer at Wild training is unique and will become a market leader in the way people train.
We are constantly training and learning as a team to ensure we are aware of what people want and how we can help our clients to achieve their goals.


Client testimonial

Steve Backshall, TV presenter - If you want to make first ascents of Himalayan mountains, or first descents of whitewater rivers, how much you can bench press is totally irrelevant; you need practical, focused training. Wild Training is exactly tailored to your needs, punishing, innovative and best of all outdoors - for me, it's the perfect physical training regime.