Strength Classes

Strength - Group exercise classes focused on helping our members develop their strength, power and body shape in a safe environment. Learn how to lift and move effectively to push your performance and improve your muscle tone while boosting your metabolism and increasing your fat burning potential. 

Fit Squared – Fit Squared is circuit training, reinvented - The original way to strengthen, condition and tone your whole body has just became unbeatable again. More innovative equipment, more efficient training, better results. Fit Squared brings together advanced integration training to create greater neurological shock and exercises to develop true linked strength. Titan Bags, Urban Strength Bar, Kettlebells, Plyometric boxes, Suspension systems, Slastix and Medicine balls. The variety is endless. 60 minute and 30 minute classes available.

BTB Exercise – BTB 30 minute programs are all based on tri-planar barbell training. They focus on improving functional fitness levels while reducing risk of injury. All the programs burn fat fast because they increase aerobic and anaerobic fitness at the same time. Anyone that has done BTB Exercise knows the metabolic impact you get is huge. You will be buzzing.



 Urban Strength Training - Urban Strength Training is a system of exercise that Wild Training developed through our experience with body weight exercise. Three things are constant in all sport, activity and life. Your body, movement and gravity. These are the three things that make Urban Strength Training suitable for EVERYONE, no matter the goal, and it's how Wild Training ensure the training our members can do will transfer to everything that they enjoy outside of the gym. Strength tone and mobility will all improve.


Studio Strength – Developing your strength will help you shape your body, increase your metabolism and with our Studio Strength training, you will improve your performance, posture and reduce your risk of injury. We combine functional suspension training exercises with Tri-Planar kettlebell training to achieve the outstanding results we have come to expect for all our members. 60 minute and 30 minute classes available.



Wild Strong  Using strong man equipment like Atlas stones, lifting logs, farmers walk handles, and tyres isn't just for big guys. This training will take any ones strength to the next level but it's also an amazing way of shaping up and creating lean muscle. That means great fat loss, great for your metabolism and great for tone. More than anything Wild Strong is a guaranteed way to shock your body, push your limit and have fun as your fitness goes Wild.



Lifting - A strength session focused on heavy lifting. Olympic lifting, Landmine training, Power Clubs, Kettlebells, Dumbbells. The protocols used promote a higher intensity of training so expect to become Wild Strong. You will see epic changes to your lean muscle mass and tone. Our lifting classes are really popular with our members and suit everyone from the experienced weight trainer looking for new ideas and to be pushed, to people new to training wanting an effective way to feel and look stronger. 


Olympic Rings - Olympic Rings - 30 minute blast, where we teach some of the great move sets often seen at the Olympic games. All are welcome as we teach foundation to expert level.