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I started with Wild Training in 2011. With a 1 year and 3 year old it was a perfect opportunity for me to build my own business with the Wild Training systems at my own pace while having a young family.
Just over a year in it went from 7 classes per week to over 14! It was buzzing!
Then I had the chance to open my own studio. The different Wild Training programs where all going so well in the local area.
Having the marketing support and the variety to the programs created the most amazing community it made sense for it to become a Wild Training Studio!
The first Wild Training Studio opened with nothing like it around. It soon became such an awesome place to train! With the studio I had over 26 classes running a week.
The Wild Training business was going from strength to strength so I recruited my first trainers to work in the studio delivering classes. This meant I could help James build the Wild Training business. Setting up new Wild Training exercise licenses and building on the successful network of trainers around the country that we have supported with our training.
2016 Wild Training was ready to open the very first Wild Training gym. It was by far the best decision I have EVER made to start with Wild Training. 
Hannah Camden, Director of Wild Training


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If your passion is fitness. If your goal is to get more people regularly enjoying effective exercise, then the Wild Training exercise licenses will help you enjoy smashing those goals. 

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