The new Muscle Tunnel facility is live at the Wild Training Gym.

The coolest, most exciting strength set up you will ever see. Imagine Miami beach... In an awesome urban set up. Outside but covered all year round. A huge open space to lift and work on all forms of strength training. 

"It's like all the best Rocky training montages in one place" - Adam Gibbs


Membership for the Muscle Tunnel is £20 per month. That gives you access to the Muscle Tunnel facility, The Wild Strong classes in the tunnel and the Strongman events training sessions. It's a one month rolling agreement so it's super flexible and less than £1 per day. 

What is their in the Muscle Tunnel

  • 7 meter Barmania Pro Calisthenics frame

  • 2 x Squat racks

  • 2 x lifting platforms

  • Plate loaded leg press

  • Plate loaded seated row

  • Viking press (standing shoulder press machine)

  • 30 - 150kg Atlas stones

  • Small and large loadable dumbbells

  • Farmers handles

  • Super yoke

  • 100 - 400kg tyres

  • Strongman logs

  • Kegs

  • Battling ropes

  • Axle bars

  • Sled

  • Strongman wheel barrow