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What does Wild Online Workouts gives you?

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  • Body weight training programs
  • Warm up and cool down guides
  • Videos of our "Get Started With" gym equipment programs
  • A food diary guide to help you optimise your nutrition
  • A one day plan to help you structure your food intake and training


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  • The Wild Training foundation programs - These are the systems that have helped our trainers and our members get amazing lifestyle fitness. Each program is backed up with an archive of videos and gives markers to give you a target we know you will achieve. Complete all the foundation programs and reach all the markers and you will be one of the fittest people you know. 
  • Detailed information on key nutrition concepts including
    • The Wild 5 nutrition tips, our key to happy, healthy, sustainable eating
    • The Wild Food List - 100 foods shown as good or bad to serve as a guide on what you should aim to eat more of
    • A detailed break down of carbohydrate foods and a simple template to get you eating more of the right ones
    • The Wild hierarchy of fat loss and an explanation of the 4 key systems you need to look after to get your body burning fat with no barriers. No more hoping. No more guess work
    • Vegetarian protein intake explained and a bullet proof system for getting the right balance from your food. 
  • The Wild Training Food plan - 3 weeks of our systematic food plan to help get you feeling awesome and your body ready to see some incredible results. 
  • Over 30 simple healthy recipes to get you loving food
  • Access to exclusive Wild Training offers and discounts with key partners - Clothing, trainers, lifestyle sports and activities from martial arts to water sports.