What is Lifestyle Fitness?

Wild Training delivers lifestyle fitness.

Making fitness something that adds value to your lifestyle and enables you to enjoy a better quality of life. Exercise that adds to the joy of life.

Lifestyle fitness is about giving people fitness that allows them to a life without limits, and to enjoy life to the fullest. 

If gyms evolved from sports then our facilities would look very different from the traditional free weight, cardio, studio plan that nearly all gyms have. Fact is that most people that enjoy sports or activities like gymnastics don't do these activities to lose weight and tone up... and yet more people that do activities and sports like this get better results than the majority of people that go to the gym. So it's time to train like it's a game. 

Wild Training exercise classes... are not normal exercise classes? They aren't just classes. It's closer to small group personal training. 

If you want to feel fit, look fit, move like a 20 year old version of you and live a healthy, long, fun... Wild life, then all you need to do is turn up to our gym 3 times a week. We will take care of the rest. Everyone in the gym from our management to our trainers will make sure you always have a great experience and get what ever you want out of your Wild Training Gym membership. 

Write you own fitness story

Awareness vs Understanding. The fact that people have awareness of what we do even though they haven't trained with us is a bad thing because they have been given an impression of what functional training is that doesn't represent what we do and the value we can deliver. 

Come to our gym and make your own mind up.