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Muscle Tunnel Challenge for Scannappeal

November 25th 2017. Read about the next Wild Training charity challenge here and how we are supporting Scannappeal raise money for our local hospitals. 

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In 1987 a group of consultants needed a CT scanner, the first for Buckinghamshire
and Scannappeal was established to raise those vital funds from the local
community. Since then it has expanded its work from raising money for scanners
to providing other state of the art medical equipment to diagnose and treat a
range of cancers, heart disease, specialist surgery, and to improve eyesight.
An estimated three million people have been part of Scannappeal’s story which
has featured royalty, celebrities, clinicians, fundraisers, volunteers and most
importantly, hundreds of thousands of people who have benefited from
life saving and life changing equipment that would not otherwise be purchased
by the NHS.
Scannappeal remains committed to delivering revolutionary medical equipment
that will help the lives of the community now and for generations to come.


In October 2016 James, founder of Wild Training, walked up to the top of Kilimanjaro and did the highest workout ever recorded in aid of Hope For Children. Watch the videos below to see this epic challenge. 


Other charity challenges Wild Training have completed 

At Hope for Children we passionately believe that every child has the right to a happy, healthy and positive childhood.

We enable vulnerable children to experience a positive childhood by improving their access to education and healthcare whilst empowering their families to support themselves.


“The work that HOPE does really resonated with me. They are helping people that so many organisations ignore. Not just the big issues that people hear about, but they find the most incredible people that are committed to making positive changes for children in their community, and HOPE support those people so they can have the best impact possible.
Like Wild Training the HOPE team are young, passionate and innovative and they are focused on challenging the way things have happened in the past, so that their charity achieves the best possible outcome for the children they are supporting all around the world.
I’m super excited about Wild Training working with HOPE, not only in helping them raise money to keep doing the great things they do, but also to create new opportunities for Wild Training to support HOPE in their goal of improving the health of children in the most vulnerable parts of the world." James Griffiths, Founder of Wild Training.