Cardio Classes

Cardio - Group exercise classes focused on delivering the best fat burning workouts that will get your heart rate racing and your lungs pumping. We program intelligent systems that maximise the impact your training has on your metabolism, your fitness and your body shape.


Studio Cardio – The Studio Cardio class brings together athletic suspension training exercise and Titan Bag training to create a fun, challenging, fat burning workout that will send your metabolism sky high and help you improve your general fitness. If you want to lose weight, we think this is the best exercise for you. 60 minute and 30 minute classes available.


Wild HIIT - The original Wild Training programmes. Wild Training was inspired by our personal training clients for one purpose: To achieve the best possible results for your money. We have created a system that promotes progression in group outdoor exercise. Wild Training HIIT will get you using some of the most innovative equipment in the world and some of the most effective programs ever created in systems that have never failed to achieve our clients results.

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Studio Toning – Combining leverage based traiithis with our innovative suspension training focusing on balance and keeping all your muscles under tension for long periods of time, the Studio Toning class will help you achieve the look you want. 60 minute and 30 minute classes available.


Wild MMA - Developed by Wild Training and martial arts coach Paul Busby, Wild MMA brings some of the most exciting mixed martial arts conditioning to the fitness industry. By working with Paul Wild MMA uses realistic martial art skills and protocols to make the benefits of MMA training accessible to everyone. The classes are made up of striking, ground work and fitness circuits focusing on kick pads and more dynamic movement based drills. For your fight based fitness Wild MMA will deliver incredible results and you will love every second of the class. 



Wild Spin  It's like a traditional indoor cycling class but more Wild. Focusing on specific energy systems to maximise the impact we can have on our members fitness levels in 45 minutes. Less of a random sweaty workout and more targeted training to ensure we deliver the best results possible. As always with the Wild Training group exercise programming, we want the gains achieved in our classes to transfer in to everyday life, and the structure of Wild Spin makes sure that happens. 

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Wild Mamas - Wild Mamas is a fun, exciting small group training sessions for new mums with babies up to the age of one. its a class to get you back into exercising safely with baby by your side. All classes will suit you if you have never trained before or if you regularly train throughout pregnancy. Meet new mums and feel great!