Wild Calisthenics


Urban Strength Training and Wild Calisthenics are systems of exercise that Wild Training developed through our experience with body weight exercise. Three things are constant in all sport, activity and life. Your body, movement and gravity.

These are the three things that make Urban Strength Training suitable for EVERYONE, no matter the goal, and it's how Wild Training ensure the training our members can do will transfer to everything that they enjoy outside of the gym. 

Wild Calisthenics helps people explore expressive body weight training, working on our Barmania pro rig, parallettes, pole, aerials and more. Muscle ups, levers, handstand skills and all sorts of fun combinations are used to progress your fitness. The Wild Calisthenics training programs feature incremental skill trees so that no matter what your level we can help you improve your skills, strength and body shape. 

Our members have plenty of space to train in and with facilities including a 7 meter Barmania calisthenics rig, our Urban Strength Bars, Parallettes, suspension training systems and Olympic rings the body weight training on offer at the Wild Training Gym is incredible.

Do something different, get different results.