About Us

Wild Training started in 2010 with one mission. To show people how to have fun with exercise and make it effective at every level. A picture says 1000 words... but what does our brand video say?







“When we work with partners we want to ensure they are at the cutting edge of their field in order for us to maintain our value of high quality training.  When we sought an authority on the topic of outdoor fitness training to be part of the Future Fit Pro Zone education platform, Wild Training’s experience, expertise and passion for what they do stood out.  They walk the walk and you can be confident you’re learning from the best”

2016 Active Training Awards – Training Provider of the Year.


Showing people how to #LiveAWildLife. That means a lot of things to us, but mostly it's about empowering everyone to attack like with spark, with no limitations, no labels. #LoseTheLabel.

Wild Training is about so much more than fitness, strength and conditioning. Body transformations are easy. Lifestyle transformations are what we are best at. 

Meet the team and you will experience more passion than you can imagine. Everyone becomes infected by it. Contagious energy that will inspire you to live life to the full. 

Wild Training never stops evolving, because the people that make it happen every day never stop training, never stop innovating and will never run out of energy to do what they love. 

“If you want to make first ascents of Himalayan mountains, or first descents of whitewater rivers, how much you can bench press is totally irrelevant; you need practical, focused training. Wild Training is exactly tailored to your needs, punishing, innovative and best of all fun - for me, it’s the perfect physical training regime.”
Steve Backshall , TV Presenter

Exercise is a physical expression of your personality. Win with Wild Training - #WildWinning