Become a btb exercise instructor

Why btb exercise 

If you are a gym instructor or personal trainer you have the opportunity to join BTB Exercise and start something truly exciting. Exciting for your community, for your clients and for yourself. The combination of our creative programming, the BTB tri-planar system and our goal specific class protocols make the BTB Exercise training effect unbeatable. Once you have experienced a BTB Exercise class you will know that statement is true.


How is the btb license different to any other group exercise system?

Quality – The best exercise programs in the world are only the best if they are delivered by the best instructors. The BTB Exercise courses and training resources will challenge the way you train yourself and the way you go about achieving your client’s goals. When you sign up and attend the initial BTB Exercise Level 1 instructor course, you must pass it and meet our high standards. If an instructor isn’t good enough to pass the course, then they won’t get their BTB Exercise certification and we will give them their course fee back. What other group exercises licenses can say that.

Programming – Every two months we create a brand new series of BTB Exercise releases. That means you get three new programs every two months to encourage progression with all your members and keep their exercise exciting and effective. 3 months is too long to stick to one program. All trainers know that results start to plateau after around 8 weeks, yet most other exercise licenses only change their programs every 3 months. That’s just lazy. By offering female specific, male specific and general conditioning programs in each release we will help you cater for a wider range of member types. The way we operate is better for your member’s results, and better for your member retention.


Pre requisite, Level 2 Gym instructor qualification or higher

This hands-on course will allow you to take your knowledge of functional tri-planar training to the next level and will give you all the skills and abilities you need to deliver outstanding BTB Exercise classes. Our experts will take you through the current release of BTB Exercise classes, and then will develop your technical knowledge of the programming, training and coaching concepts that will enable you to deliver outstanding BTB Exercise classes. You will receive a pre-course info pack with an assessment that must be read, completed and returned one week before the course. You will be assessed throughout the day on the course and in a practical demonstration where you will deliver a BTB Exercise session to the group. You will also receive a theory assessment after the course that must be completed and returned.

Barbells - When starting your BTB business we can offer you a discount on high quality barbells perfectly suited for all the BTB Exercise programs. You can select any number of bars to purchase at a discounted price or you can purchase 10 barbells as a package and get an even bigger discount.

Promo material – You have the option to purchase the BTB Exercise START UP PACK which includes business cards, flyers and a banner. Everything you need to kick off your BTB Exercise business so that you can promote your classes in your local area. 

whats included in the license

  • 18 programs per year (three programs every two months) with detailed protocol sheets and full video programs uploaded to the secure area of the BTB Exercise website for you to download and learn.
  • Access to the BTB marketing suite and discounted printing services
  • Discount on Barbells.
  • Cost - £25 per month


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