Basil Pinnock

My name is Basil Pinnock and I have been training, competing, exercising and playing sports and other activities for over 40 years. At various times in my life I have competed and played at national and international level in football, Tae Kwon Do, Athletics and various other sports and activities as well as achieved high levels of performance in other areas including my current main area of interest - dance. I have coached football teams, martial art teams, dance teams, hold a 1st Dan in TaeKwonDo and run a successful dance school that over the years has taught thousands of dancers.

Throughout that time I have tried and used multiple different systems of training to keep my self at peak physical fitness and performance including cardiovascular and strength based programs. This was always with a view to achieving a specific objective or goal. However, times change and with that my expectations about what I want out of a physical fitness program and more importantly, what contribution any such program can make to promoting and supporting my lifestyle moving forward.

Wild Training is a system of training and exercise developed by James Griffiths who I first met some years ago. Some people call what he does Calisthenics based training, others call it Cross Training - however, I think what James offers is much more than this. His system adopts and promotes a unique way of looking at health, fitness, exercise, diet and lifestyle and in my view is unmatched at providing programs, systems and ways of training that quite simply WORK!. In over 40 years, I have never come across such a complete system as that provided by Wild Training and I have no hesitation in recommending Wild Training as the go to place for a lifestyle change with regard to your future health. I am excited about what the future will bring with regard to my own development in this area.