What is the Wild 90 Challenge?

Try the Wild Training Gym for 1 week for £9.99

  • A gym service like nothing you’ve seen before
  • Effective group exercise classes you can’t do anywhere else
  • A team of instructors that are absolutely dedicated to your fitness

After your £9.99 1 week trial - Sign up to do the Wild 90 Challenge. 3 months membership for £99.99

We have said for a long time that it is hard for someone to be a Wild Training member and not get really fit. You will feel and see the results faster than you can imagine, so the Wild 90 Day Challenge is about seeing what results you can get by joining with Wild Training for 90 days. You will experience new forms of exercise and learn about practical, healthy nutrition but more than that you will transform your lifestyle. Changing how you look means changing your behaviour. Commit to the Wild 90 Day Challenge and you will never look for a different way staying healthy again.


What makes us different

Wild Training has evolved from years of experience training everyone from people recovering from injuries to elite athletes. You are fit enough to start. Not starting isn't going to get you the results. We design our own equipment, our own programs, we have our own personal training development system. The support you will receive will be on a different level to anything you have experienced before. That's why we know the Wild 90 Day Challenge will deliver better results than anything you have seen before





Training you'll Get: 

Free training workshops to learn how to exercise at our facility and maximise the results you will get.

Our membership includes any 3 of our exercise classes each week. We run one of the most diverse group exercise timetables in the country and we will have the right kind of training to get you the results you want. Check out our different types of classes

Wild training online program

A responsive online platform built to give our members all the information they need to get the results and understand how to keep them. Home exercise programs, food plans, recipes, lifestyle education. Some cheeky exclusive offers are available on here too.

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