Wild Mums - New Wild Mums community.

Are you a new mum and looking to get fit again? Wild Training have 2 new classes specifically designed for Mums (and their babies). Wild Mums is designed by Hannah Camden, a mother of 2 who understands the difficulties and challenges of having to make huge sacrifices.

These classes provide ongoing support, encouragement and training with like minded mothers. Furthermore, you'll gain a boost in energy levels and strength to get through one of the most challenging times in life.

Live a healthy lifestyle for you and your family! 

* First trial class is FREE! 

Days/ Times:

Wednesdays: 2 - 3pm mums with buggies
Mums with buggies will run from the Wild Training Gym. All you need is training kit on, water and babies in their buggies.

Fridays: 2 - 3pm mums and babies Studio class.
Mum's and babies will be a class held in the Wild Training gym studio so all you need is training it on, water and your babies


Your first trial class is free and then if you want to sign up for weekly classes we are offering a reduced membership for all new mums. This offer is available to all new mums within the first year of having a baby. There are no contracts, it's just £35 per month. 

This includes your weekly mum and baby classes, and gives you free access to any of our other studio classes. For more info on our classes - http://www.wildtraining.co.uk/group-exercise-classes/

Join our new Wild Mums Community which offers a fantastic support group, the chance to meet new mums in your area, free nutritional advice, and the chance to start getting active again!

Spaces for up to 12 mums and babies in each class.

For more info contact us 01628 529294 | info@wildtraining.co.uk 



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