Muscle Tunnel is coming to the Wild Training Gym

The coolest, most exciting strength set up you will ever see. Imagine Miami beach... In an awesome urban set up. Outside but covered all year round. A huge open space to lift and work on all forms of strength training. 

Buy a 1 year membership now for just £99. We have 30 memberships at this price to sell. Once they're gone they are gone.

Once the pre-sale memberships have been sold the Muscle Tunnel membership will be £29.99 per month.

The Muscle Tunnel membership is a non classes and non gym access membership. It gives you access to train at the Muscle Tunnel facility.  

The list below... isn't even everything! Arriving for September 2017.

  • 7 meter Calisthenics frame
  • 3 x Squat racks
  • Plate loaded leg press
  • Plate loaded seated row
  • Viking press
  • 40 - 135kg Atlas stones
  • Small and large loadable dumbbells
  • Farmers handles
  • Super yoke
  • 100 - 400kg tyres
  • Strongman logs
  • Car deadlift 
  • Fingals fingers