Movement Classes


Wild Aerial – Wild Aerial is where we train with Aerial Silks which involves two lengths of fabric rigged from the ceiling. You will start with a variety of climbs to build your strength and get you off the ground. Then you will quickly progress into wrapping your body around the silks into some fantastic holds. Wild Aerial is a perfect class for improving your body awareness, functional strength and flexibility. These sessions are for all levels.


Wild Flow – This is a 60 minute class that the Wild Trainers have developed over years of practising lots of different skills, and seeing a gap in the training that we offer. Wild Flow brings together elements of Capoeira, Dynamic Tension Training, and Pilates and our own spin on functional core conditioning. The constant flow of this class will raise your heart rate, breathing rate and keep your whole body under tension, helping you burn fat, shape your body and tone your muscles. The Capoeira inspired movements help to develop stamina, strength, balance, co-ordination, agility and flexibility. After a series of core conditioning sequences we finish the class with a focused stretch to help develop flexibility. If you haven't done this class before, DO IT. It will bring a great balance to your training and make you feel awesome!

Wild Pole – Taking inspiration from Mallakhamb which is a traditional Indian sport this class takes Pole Fitness to the next level and guarantees to get your muscles pumping. Focusing more on the strength and conditioning aspect this powerful class will build muscle tone in no time. Whether it's acrobatic tricks, impressive holds using tons of core strength or crazy spins requiring control and muscular endurance there's something for everyone. Focusing on utilising every muscle possible this class will not only give you amazing tone and definition but also help with correct alignment, coordination and body awareness. Most importantly, it's fun, rewarding and open to people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

Wild Ninjas - Fun and effective 30 minute fitness classes for children aged 5-14. Programs change all the time to keep kids engaged and focus on the 3 fundamentals of movement, balance, co-ordination and agility. Introducing exercise to children early is essential for optimal motor skill development and to increase lifetime participation in fitness activity. We use lots of different equipment to make the Wild Ninja sessions exciting and this helps us keep young people attending regular exercise. 


Yoga – A mix of Ashtanga and Hatha yoga practices. Each posture is designed to increase flexibility and strength using a mind and body connection. The class focuses on breath, postures and finishes with a relaxation. The class is open to all levels from beginner to advanced practitioners.

Wild Flexibility – Flexibility is something that so many people don't invest enough time in, and yet improving it can help shape your body, tone your muscles and reduce your risk of injury. In the Wild Flexibility class, we target specific groups of muscles and use foam rollers and massage balls to release tension in the muscles and connective tissue, and then use lots of different development stretching techniques to achieve optimal mobility in all your joints. The difference attending this class will make to your movement is huge. 60 minute and 30 minute classes. available.