Trevor Hamilton Wild Training Testimonial, 2015

The Wild Training franchise has been a real eye opener for me. I contact with Hannah who runs High Wycombe Wild Training. Wild training offers so much from outdoor training sessions to indoor studio classes. Immediately I was hooked & loved every minute of it, everything was so fresh & new. Through Hannah's guidance & experience, my journey with wild training & a controlled diet in the space of 13 months has not only made me fitter & stronger, but left me losing nearly 2 stone and achieved things such as completing a 12 mile obstacle course, and 10k runs which I never thought I could.






Tough Mudder was never something that was in the plan. How would we ever be capable of completing such an extreme event? Wild Training changed that. Small classes meant we got to know each other and supported one another, we made great friends and collectively we challenged ourselves. Hannah Camden and the team motivated us to become fitter physically and mentally giving us the confidence and support we needed to really push ourselves out of our comfortable zone. So Tough Mudder done, we smashed our time target, had a great time and awesome sense of achievement, what's next ?



Services offered

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