Group Exercise Classes

A big part of the Wild Training brand reputation has been built on our classes. There is something for everyone, at every level and everyone that attends will see progression while they have a whole lot of fun. 

Cardio - Group exercise classes focused on delivering the best fat burning workouts that will get your heart rate racing and your lungs pumping. We program intelligent systems that maximise the impact your training has on your metabolism, your fitness and your body shape.

Strength - The Wild Training Strength classes will push your muscles hard and help you create shape and tone while building lean muscle. Make your whole body stronger with our innovative equipment and smart protocols. Attend these classes to see awesome results that will transfer and compliment all the other activities, sports and training your do. 

Movement - From Yoga to Aerial Silks classes we will have a movement class that you will love. Cardio and strength are nothing without movement. Perfect your posture, improve your flexibility and reduce your risk of injury with these fun classes and you will feel healthier, fitter and happier with your body than ever.