Corporate Wellbeing

We hate the industry term 'Corporate Wellbeing' because it sounds so uninspiring, so we've renamed it

'Wild Wellbeing' 

Our system is different and it works! We are confident that we can increase energy levels, grow confidence, improve overall health and boost your office morale. 


Reduce absenteeism | Raise energy levels | Increase confidence | Boost office morale


Wild Wellbeing Package includes 

2 x 90 min Wild workout team building sessions

Full access to gym and classes

Health food plan & personal healthy living program

Goodie bag including vouchers for top high street retailers

Lifestyle advice & coaching (private Whatsapp group)

Our proven methods

Our methods ensure sustainability, it is our objective to change lifestyles. This is why we insist on a 30 day package. This helps create routine, educate and kicks bad habits into touch. After 30 days your team will want to maintain healthier lives, and many will continue to use our gym at their own accord too. 

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£35 per person for a 30 day 'Wild Wellbeing' package. *Minimum of 5 people required.

Download a media pack - CLICK HERE